Classic pedicure                     28 
Soak in sanitizing tablet with cuticle softener, nail shaped, cuticle trim, callus treatment, hot towel, moisturizing massage, and polish.

Gel pedicure                           43
Includes a classic pedicure with gel polish.

Sport pedicure                        45
Includes a classic pedicure plus a exfoliating scrub, followed by a paraffin treatment.

Spa pedicure                          40
We use high end QTICA and La Palm organic products for the spa pedicures.  It starts with medical-grade antibacterial fragrant triple action soak that softens the water to help moisturize skin and provides intense aromatherapy.  Follow by a exfoliating exotic fruity sugar scrub, a hydrating treatment with Smart Spa moisture mask that is loaded with antioxidants and skin regenerating ingredients that softens, rejuvenates, and brightens your skin. Cuticle trim,  callus treatment, hot towel, moisturizing massage with fragrant body lotion, and polish.

Choices of aromatherapy:
Pomegranate Lime                  Lemongrass Ginger
Exotic Mango                           Mandarin Honey
Guava Passion                        Colada Sparkle
Grapefruit                                Vanilla Wild Plum
Lemon Dream                          Lime Zest

Sweet Lavender                      Tangerine

Vanilla Cappuccino                  Honey pearl

Deluxe spa pedicure              55
Includes a spa pedicure plus 10 massage with body butter and a paraffin treatment.

​Ultimate spa pedicure            65
We use the high end European CUCCIO Naturale Organic Products for the ultimate spa pedicure.  It starts with a scentual salt soak with cuticle softener,  followed by an exfoliating scrub, an intense hydrating treatment with a deep thermal wrap that brings moisture to a deep level of the dermis and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, cuticle trim, callus treatment, hot towel, plus 10 minutes massage with aromatic body butter. And finish with polish.

Choice of aromatherapy:
Milk & Honey                               Pomegranate & Fig
Coconut                                       Papaya & Guava
Tuscan Citrus & Herb

Hot stone pedicure                 75
Pamper yourself with this most luxurious pedicure that includes a spa pedicure plus 15 minutes massage with heated lava stone that eases away tension, followed by a paraffin treament that soothes and moisturizes the skin as well as increasing circulation.  This is an excellent stress reliever that leaves you recharged and rejuvenated.

Herbal detox pedicure            65
Start with a therapeutic herbal detoxifying soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub, cuticle trim, callus treatment, hot towel, plus 15 minutes massage with Sematology serum that contains natural antioxidant properties of Vitamin C & E, and hydrating benefits of pomegranate and argan oil to help de-stress, relax and refresh skin.  Finish with polish.  

​Jelly Dream Pedicure            40
Take all the advantages of Spa and combine with the fun and playful aspect of playing with jelly.  The benefit of the jelly is that it holds the temperature 4 times longer, and the bits of jelly works as a natural exfoliant while plant oils deeply moisturize the skin. Exfoliating scrub, cuticle trim, callus treatment, hot towel, moisturizing massage, and polish.


Smoothing pedicure              35
Ease your feet in a 21 herbs extract mineral soak that releases tension.  Followed by a revitalizing Liquid body Lufra, it replenishes your skin with a body smoother lotion that contains a rich blend of aloe vera. Cuticle trim, callus treatment, hot towel wrap, moisturizing massage with Body Butter, and polish.

Icedancer pedicure                45
This is the ideal pedicure for those who have crack heels and dehydrated feet.  Start with a 21 herbs extract mineral soak that ease away tension, followed by a revitalizing Liquid Body Lufra exfoliation, refresh and revitalize your achy legs with IceDancer Gel, cuticle trim, callus treatment with Epoch Sole Solution, hot towel, moisturizing massage with Body Butter, and polish. 

​Firewalker pedicure                55
This is the perfect pedicure for those have achy, tired, and dehydrated feet.  Includes the IceDancer pedicure plus the Firewalker Foot Cream that is specifically formulated to nourish, soothe and rejuvenate your skin, finish with 10 minutes moisturizing massage with Body Butter, and polish.

*All pedicures can add NuSkin sole solution to treat cracked heels and dehydrated feet for additional $10, the best foot treatment available, guarantee to minimize cracks after 3 consecutive bi-weekly treatments.



Classic manicure                        15

Includes nail shaped, cuticle trim, hot towel, massage and polish.

Gel manicure                              30
Includes a classic manicure with gel polish.


Gel French manicure                  35

Includes a classic manicure with gel French.

Spa manicure                             25
Includes a classic manicure, plus your choice of exfoliating scrub, hot towel, massage with body butter and polish. 

Deluxe spa manicure                 35
Includes a spa manicure, plus moisture mask, and 10 minutes moisturizing massage with body butter. 

Nuskin natural manicure            25
Soak in herbal mineral that contains 21 herbs that ease away tension, follow by a exfoliation by Liquid Body Lufra that eliminate surface impurities and dead skin, hot towel, moisturizing massage with Body Butter that contains high level of antioxidents that promotes softer, smoother, and toned skin.  Finish with polish.

Nuskin icedancer manicure       30
An ideal manicure to refresh achy and tired hands.  Includes a NuSkin natural manicure plus Icedancer Invigorating Gel that revives, stimulates, refreshes, cools and soothes achy, tired hands.


We only use high end OPI & CND acrylic, no-MMA nail liquid.
Acrylic Set/Refill                                                                        30/23

Ombre Set/Pink fill                                                                    60/35

Color acrylic Set/Refill                                                               45/35
Crystal/WhiteTip Set/Refill                                                        45/28
Acrylic Pink &White Set                                                                 65
             Pink & White Refill                                                            55
             Pink Refill                                                                          35
LED Gel Set/ Refill                                                                    50/35
LED Pink & White Set                                                                    70
           Pink & White Refill                                                              50
           Pink Refill                                                                            35

Dip Powder                                                                                    40

Dip Powder Set                                                                             50

Dip Pink &White Set                                                                      55

      Pink & White Refill                                                                   45
Silk Wrap Set/Refill (100% silk)                                                 70/50
Take Off only/Redo                                                                     15/8
Nail Repair/with gel color                                                              3/5

Cut down                                                                                         3
Pink & White Repair                                                                        5
LED Ge/Silkl Repair                                                                        5



Polish Change (H/F)               10/16      Brow Tinting                   18
Gel Polish                                  15        Mylars design(1)           10+

Gel French                                20           Masque/Scrub                10
Gel Polish Change(H/F)        20/25       Nail shape change           5
Gel French PC (H/F)             25/30       CutDown only (H/F)     8 /12
Hot Stone Massage(10min.)      15        Nail Art(1)                       3+
French/American                         8        Stamp design(1)               4
Swarovski Nail Art (1)                4+       Coffin/Stiletto Nails            5
Paraffin Treatment(H/F)          8/10       Tropical                             10
Chrome/Unicorn Nails(set)         35       Gel color soak off/redo    8/0

Cat-eye (set)                              25        Holographic (set)             35

Long nails                                 +10       Extra long nails              +20

Sculpture nails                          +20

LITTLE DIVA (10&under)

Manicure - Nail shaped, cuticle push,                                           12
                    hot towel, massage & polish        

Gel Manicure - Manicure plus gel polish                                       22

Gel Polished -  Nail shaped and gel polish                                   15
Pedicure - Nail shaped, cuticle push,                                           20
                   hot towel, massage & polish
Color Change (H/F)                                                                    5/10

Face Waxing
Eyebrow                                                                          10
Lip                                                                                     8
Chin                                                                                 10
Sideburn                                                                          15
Full Face                                                                          35


Body Waxing
Under Arms                                                                     25+
Half Arms                                                                        35+
Full Arms                                                                        50+
Lower Legs                                                                     45+
Full Legs                                                                         60+
Stomach                                                                         30+
Back or Chest                                                                 50+